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Fic: Incognito

Title:                    Incognito

Author:                 BohemianFling

Summary:              Lee and Amanda attend a masquerade.

Rating:                   K+

Time Frame:          October, 1988 (marriage is still secret)

Disclaimer:            The Scarecrow and Mrs. King characters belong to Warner Bros. and Shoot the Moon Enterprises Ltd.  The story, however, is all mine.  Please don’t post or redistribute this without my consent.

Author's Notes:    This was originally posted on 08/03/2007 as part of an old (circa 2004?) Alphabet Challenge on smkfanfic. Thank you to Ann, whose idea for this title led me to my twist on her suggestion and provided the initial beta, a very long time ago in a hotel room in Los Angeles.  This would not be the story it is without wonderful beta help from Vicki, KimC, Shelly, and Ceeg (without whom, there would be no summary at all).  I made the shoes, but they provided the shiny polish.

Warnings:              None