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Rules for posting in this community

This community is dedicated to authors and readers of Scarecrow and Mrs. King fan fiction. Although this community is primarily for fan fiction, anything related to SMK is welcome here—crossovers, challenges, icons, fan art, etc.


Rules for posting in this community


  • Respect your fellow community members!  Constructive criticism, comments and feedback are allowed and should be expected by anyone who posts a fic.  Flaming will not be tolerated.  Flamers will be banned from the community.  “I don’t understand how Jane got to the warehouse from the supermarket.  Something seems to be missing.” is a perfectly fine comment.  On the other hand, “You’re such a moron.  Jane never left the supermarket!” is not.  Think about what you'd like to hear, and how you’d like to hear it, if you were the author.
  • Crossover fan fiction is welcome, but if your story has nothing to do with SMK, do not post it here. Please find or create the community for that fandom and post there.
  • For convenience, all fan fiction posts to this community will be added to the memories by story title.
  • Please use an lj-cut for all posts longer than drabbles (100 words) and that have ratings above T (PG-13).
  • Stories in any stage of the writing process are welcome, from rough ideas to final drafts.  If posting an idea or draft, indicate so in the subject line, i.e. DRAFT: My New Story or IDEA: Dick and Jane go to the state fair.  This allows people who only like to read finalized stories to skip posts that are not of interest to them.
  • When posting a story, the subject line should include the word FIC and the story title.  If the post is only for a part of the story, indicate what part and, if known, the total parts.  Example:  FIC: My New Story, part 1 of ? or FIC: My New Story, part 1 of 3.

    Above the lj-cut, please mention the following:

o       Title:                 (A title is needed to be stored in memories.)

o       Author:              (This is also where you should enter a particular email address where you’d like to be contacted if it is different from your LJ email.)

o       Summary:          (Give a brief description of the story.)

o       Rating:              (Please use the Fan Rated systems located here or here .  Relating fic ratings to MPAA:  K = G; K+ = PG; T = PG-13; M = NC-17, MA = R or X)

o       Time Frame:       (If this story falls within the 4 seasons of the show, indicate the episode it’s for—if a filler—or between what two episodes—if not a filler.  For pre and post series stories, you might want to mention a year, if it’s important to the story.)

o       Disclaimer:         (Credit the owners of the show!  If the story contains anything directly from the show—dialogue, text from a script—credit the writers of the episode(s).  Remember that we wouldn’t be doing this without them.)

o       Author’s Notes:   (If applicable.  Anything the author specifically wishes to note about the story that isn’t covered in other categories would go here.)

o       Warnings:          (If the story contains any potentially offensive material—extreme violence, rape, character death, etc.—note it here.  Some people don’t want to read those types of fics.)


In addition, include the following as tags:

o       Rating               K, K+, T, M, MA

o       Season             pre, 1, 2, 3, 4, or post

o       Style                canon or A/U

o       Type                drabble, filler, or other

o       If the fic is in response to a challenge, also include “challenge response”


See some examples here.


  • When posting a challenge request, please include the word CHALLENGE in the subject title and in the tag.  This makes it easier for people to quickly locate challenges.
  • Pictures, fan art and icons must be behind an lj-cut.